Message from the Board Chair

2015 was truly a transformational year for Vantage Point.

By working together and pooling our resources, we are helping to transform individuals, organizations, the not-for-profit sector, and our community.

In 2014, the Vantage Point staff and volunteer board came together for a strategic planning ses-sion to develop three core strategies for 2015 to 2017. With our next strategic planning process approaching, it seems an appropriate time reflect on the progress we have made in achieving our mission to transform not-for-profit organizations.

Strategic Priority: Develop new connections and deepen existing relationships in British Columbia. Since 2014 we increased the number of new organizations we support by 83% and in-creased our reach to not-for-profit leaders by 150%. Developing new connections is also about increasing our base of support. This past year, 139 dedicated knowledge philanthropists, lifted Vantage Point’s capacity to deliver high-impact, innovative programming by 193%. In 2016, we also launched a fund development strategy that will strengthen our foundation of financial sup-port.

Strategic Priority: Develop and deliver relevant, high-impact learning opportunities. Since 2015 we launched 20 new programs and expanded our leadership development offerings to include programs like Leadership Principles, LeaderShift, and Governance Academy. We also ventured into brave new topic areas like fund development, financial governance and organizational ca-pacity assessments. In response to a growing demand from the sector, we expanded our strate-gic planning capacity and in 2016 we supported 63 organizations in their planning efforts. In 2015, we launched and sold out our one-day leadership conference, BOSS. A repeat perfor-mance in 2016 saw us bring together 175 not-for-profit leaders for a day of inspiring stories and actionable advice. In 2015, we also launched our podcast From Our Vantage Point and have recorded 5,000 listens to date. Through our Year of Abundance initiative, we developed 50 free resources and saw over 3,000 downloads. As part of that, 284 community leaders completed an organization assessments to support their journey to abundance.

Strategic Priority: Measure and Communicate our Impact on Leadership, Capacity Building and Engagement. In 2016, we completed work on our formal Theory of Change. Our model outlines how we transform the knowledge and skills of not-for-profit leaders to increase organizational performance. We track other indicators of impact, from how well a workshop is received by par-ticipants, to our knowledge philanthropist engagement. A highlight in 2016 was learning that 49% of Leadership Principles participants earned a promotion 9 months after taking the program, and that 100% are still working in the sector. We firmly believe that investing in capacity improves board effectiveness and organizational performance.

I am truly amazed by what has been accomplished in the past 3 years. I end this year’s letter with a deep ‘thank you’ to our Vantage Point team; to our dedicated board of directors; to our knowledge philanthropists; to our customers; to our partners, supporters, donors and funders, with special recognition to the City of Vancouver. By working together and pooling our re-sources, we are helping to transform individuals, organizations, the not-for-profit sector, and our community. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.


Rebecca Schalm
Chair of the Board